Leadership by William Considine

June 23, 2019 admin


In this easy to read and insightful book, William Considine, CEO of Akron Children’s Hospital, explains various concepts of leadership and how they relate to life.  Using the acronym, “LEADERSHIP,” Considine aligns and highlights specific leadership qualities that will improve one’s awareness to be a better leader.  Throughout the book, Considine uses stories from his experience with Akron Children’s Hospital.  For example, he referenced Marilyn McGuckin, Akron Children’s director of volunteer services, who found ways to bring humor with the Doggie Brigade program.   Also, he shared the story of the persistent, positive attitude of Cassidy, an 11-year old admitted to the palliative care unit.  Cassidy was paralyzed on her right side; however, her attitude inspired many through her efforts to create artwork that still hangs at the hospital today.  Considine includes many inspirational stories that impacted his approach to leadership.

These stories and anecdotes show that these leadership qualities are universal and are within each of us.  As a leader, Considine never stopped listening and learning; it did not matter whether he gained wisdom from an employee or a child.  The practice of these leadership qualities by those at Akron Children’s Hospital was wonderful to read.  Those qualities can be emulated by all of us, and Considine’s book helps capture those qualities in action.

You can find this book on Amazon.  For those of you interested in leadership or would like to learn more about the qualities of an exceptional leader, this book is for you.