Your Journey - Your Growth - Your Impact

The Impact Summit Program is designed for adult community leaders and parents. Students and youth benefit when their role models and members of their community are equipped with leadership skills.

The Impact Summit Program can be offered for groups and teams or as professional development for businesses, school faculty, and other organizations. The Impact Summit Program can be in-person or offered virtually via zoom.


The benefits of experiencing Impact Summit are enormous. I so appreciated learning (and relearning) the history of leadership, how leadership works for individuals, and strategies for impactful teamwork. In taking this class, every person will delve into ways to better communicate with professionals and peers. By looking inward and sharing with others, I found myself rejuvenated and inspired to be a better problem solver and patient listener. I gleaned a great deal of wisdom from the diverse group of participants and feel I am a better leader from the experience. Nathan’s well thought out curriculum melds together knowledge and experience to deliver a hugely enjoyable journey in leadership and communication.

This program is a learning opportunity for people new to their career seeking leadership opportunities as well as those with significant experience in their field and having held leadership roles. Nathan has created an engaging and educational experience that spoke to a diverse group of participants

This is a great program for being introduced to academic leadership concepts and to see how they could apply in your life while learning new things about yourself along the way.

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