The LEAD Program

High School Program (9-12 Grades)

The LEAD program stands for Leadership Empowerment And Development.  This program lasts up to five days where we provide leadership trainers who visit high school classes and provide transformational leadership training and social-emotional learning to the high school students.  Below is the breakdown what is taught in the program and some student and teacher feedback.





Goal Setting


Active Listening

Problem Solving

Conflict Resolution

Team Development


Behavior Diversity

Emotional Intelligence

Diversity, Inclusion, and Values


“This new program is a great idea!  This fits directly into the state curriculum for this class."  Ellet HS Teacher

"I love the way it makes the students think. Looking at their values and how they CAN be leaders." Firestone HS Teacher

"Helped me remember who I am and helped me remember to don't change who you are unless its for the better." ~ Firestone HS Student

"I love how it changed my opinion on working with people, it was great advice and I will truly never forget this and I believe it will affect me greatly in the future." ~ Ravenna HS Student

“Favorite part was the fact that students had to think and look at themselves and what kind of personality they are.  I liked this program especially since this class was all seniors and most of the skills taught will be very beneficial to them if they are going to college or getting started in a career.” Firestone HS Teacher

“Favorite part was the class interaction and small group work.  Empowering students with positive leadership information."  Twinsburg HS Teacher

"Favorite part was how he asked how we felt" Kenmore HS Student

“The activity made me reevaluate my life” Kenmore HS Student

 "10/10 would do again” Ellet HS Student

"What to improve? Go to more schools” Twinsburg HS Student

 "Favorite part was the person talking and not just passing out papers” Garfield HS Student



The Y.E.S. Program

Middle School Program (6-8 Grades)

The YES program stands for Youth Empowerment Series.  This program lasts up to four days where we provide leadership trainers who visit middle school classes and provide emotional intelligence training to middle school students.  This includes social-emotional learning and leadership concepts being developed during middle school.


Teacher Comments

"The content was appropriate for the age and the demographics of my classes as a whole - this is information that they need to learn about."

"Keeps the kids attention and makes it fun."

"I like that the program provides students with the opportunity to reflect on learned material as it applies to them individually; students love that and ask for it all the time, especially at this age.  They always talk about how stuff can relay back to them, and they make connections easier that way!"

Student Comments

"My favorite part was the social awareness. Now I can work in a group better."

"Doing all of the activities was my favorite and he was my favorite speaker."

"My favorite part of the YES Program was the reading expressions activity."

"My favorite part was when we talked about our future visions, our goals, and action items."

"Figuring out my vision for life."

"I liked the fun creative group games and activities we did that went with what we were learning."

"I liked that it had us focus on our future and how we could be successful."


Self Awareness


Social Awareness

Relationship Management

Impact Summit Program